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Chemical Intermediates

We understand the need of our very few and special customer's, who are having their manufacturing facilities,concern about their end product's quality. For them and also for companies having USFDA approved facilities we offer penultimate stage intermediates of various patented & non -patented A.P.I. s. The products are of very high purity (asssay-95-99%) and customer specific impurity hey'specifications are matched .

We would be happy to know your specific requirements with regards to impurity profile, residual solvents along with yearly qty commitments , this info will enable us to provide the sample and quote most competitive prices.

Pre shipment samples can be provided on request.

We supply below mentioned  chemicals in following grades as per their application.

  • Technical

  • Industrial

  • Pharma Grade

The products are used in various industries like Paints, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Lubricant, etc. We offer unit packing (1kg, 2kg…..10kg) to LCL & FCL qty.

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List of Intermediates

Name of the Intermediate End Product
1,2,3,9-Tetrahydro-9-[H]-Carbazole-4-One Ondensatron HCl
1,2,3,9-Tetrahydro-9-Methyl-Carbazole-4-One Ondensatron HCl
1-[(1-Cyano)-1-(4-Methoxyphenyl) Methyl] Cyclohexanol Venlafaxine
1-[2-(4-Methoxy Phenyl) Ethyl]Piperidine-4-Ketoxime Astemizole
1-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl) Tetrahydro Naphthalene-4-One / imime Sertraline
2,2 Diphenyl-4-Hydroxy Butric Acid Lactose Loperamide
2-(2-Methoxy Phenoxy) Ethyl Amine Carvedilol
2(4-Methoxy Phenyl)6-Methoxy Benzo (b) Thiophene Reloxifene HCl
2-Hydroxy Methyl-4-Methoxy-3,5-Dimethyl Pyridine / HCL Omeprazole
2-Hydroxy Methyl-4-Trifluoro Ethoxy-3-Methyl Pyridine HCl Lansoprazole
2-Chloro Methyl-4-Methoxy-3,5-Dimethyl Pyridine HCl Omeprazole
2-Mercapto Benzimidazole Lansoprazole
2-Mercapto-5-Methoxy Benzimidazole Omeprazole
3-Methoxy Benzene Thiol Reloxifene HCl
3-Oxo-4-aza-4,5-androstene-17beta-carboxylic acid Finasteride
4-[2-(1-Pperidinyl)ethoxy] Benzoic Acid HCl Reloxifene HCl
4-(2,3-Epoxy Propoxy) Cabazole Carvedilol
4-(4-Chloro Phenyl)-4-Hydroxy Piperidine Haloperidol,Loperamide
4, Bromo 2,2 Diphenyl Butyric Acid Loperamide
4-[2-Keto-1-Benzimidozolinyl Piperidine Pimozide, Benperidol, Zaldaride
4-Amino-1-Methyl-3-Propyl-1H-Pyrazole-5-Carboxamide Sildenafil Citrate
4-Amino-2-Chloro-6,7-Dimethoxy Quinazoline Prazocin
4-Amino-5-Chloro-2-Ethoxy Benzoic Acid Mosapride
4-Amino-N-Benzyl Piperidine Cleboprid, Cinitapride
4-Bromo 2,2 Diphenyl Butyronitrile Loperamide.
4-chlorobenzhydryl piperazine Cetirizine, Meclizine,Hydroxyzine
4-Hydroxy Piperidine Citirazin Di HCl
4-methyl -3,5 Dimethyl Pyridine N-Oxide DMS Salt Pimotazine, Pericyazine, Nadifloxacin, Lamifiban
4-Nitro-2,3-Dimethyl Pyridine N-Oxide Omeprazole
4-Nitro-3,5-Dimethyl Pyridine N-Oxide Omeprazole
4-Piperidone Mono Hydro Hydrochloride Cinitapride
5-Chloro 2,3 Dihydro 1-(Piperidine-YL) Domperidone
5-Chloro 2-Methoxy Methyl Benzoate Glibenclamide
6,7-Dimethoxy Quinazoline-2,4-Dione Itraconazole / Ketoconazole
Androst-3-one-4-ene-17beta-carboxylic acid Finasteride
Atipa Dichloride Iopamidol
Bis (2-Chloroethyl) Amine HCl Ketoconazole
CIS (+) Hydroxy Lactam Diltiazem HCL
Cis Bromo Benzoate Ketoconazole
Dibenzyl Amine Labatalol
Ethyl 4(2-Phthalimido Ethoxy) Aceto Acetate Amlodipine Besylate
Imidazole Alcohol Ketoconazole
Methyl-2(tert-Butoxy Carbonyl Amino)-3-Nitro Benzoate Candesartan
N,N-Dimethyl (Tetra Hydro-3,3-Diphenyl)-2-Furyliden-Ammonium Bromide Loperamide
N-2(Phenethyl)-4-Piperidone Cinitapride, Fenspiride, Fentanyl
N-Acetyl 4-Hydroxy Phenyl Piperazine Ketoconazole / Itraconazole
N-Benzyl-4-Piperidone Benezetidine, Fentanyl, Pipamperone, Tinoridine,
N-Carbethoxy-4-Piperidone Domperidone, Cisapride, Ketotifen, Pimozide,
N-methyl-1-Naphthyl methyl amine HCl Terbinafine / Butanafine
N-Methyl-4-Chloro-Piperidine Cyproheptadine, Ketotifen, Loratidine
N-Methyl-4-Hydroxy Piperidine Cyproheptadine, Loratidine, Diphenotylate
N-T-Butyl-4-Piperidone Budipine
Ortho Amino Diphenyl Ether Nimesulide
Para Nitro Benzyl Alcohol Cefaclor
Phthaloyl Amlodipine Amlodipine Besylate
S-(4 Methoxy Phenyl Acetyl) 3-Methoxy Nenzene Thiol Reloxifene HCl

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List of Pharma Ingredients & Fine Chemicals

Pharma Ingredients Fine Chemcials
2- Dimethyl Amino Pyridine 1-Acetonaphthone
2-(N-Methyl-2-Pyridyl) Amino Ethanol 1-Chloromethyl Naphthalene
2, 4 Di-Chloro Benzoic Acid 1-Naphthoic Acid
2, 6-Dichloro Pyridine 2-Acetonaphthone
2-Amino-4-Nitro-1-Propoxy Benzene 2-Chloro Benzyl Chloride
2-Bromo Pyridine Alfa Amyl Cinnamaldehyde
2-Chloro Acetamide Alpha Naphthyl Aceto Nitrile
2-Chloro Pyridine Benzal Acetone
2-Methoxy-5-Amino Sulfonyl Methyl Benzoate Benzaldehyde
2-Methylamino Pyridine Benzhydrol
2-Methylamino-6-Methoxy Pyridine Benzoin
3-Carboxy-4-Methoxy Bezene Sulfonamide Benzophenone
4-(4-Phenyl)-4-Hydroxy Piperidine Benzyl Acetate
4-Amino Piperidine Benzyl Benzoate
4-bromo aceto phenone Benzyl Chloride
4-bromo propiophenone Benzyl Propionate
4-bromoanisole Bithionol Sulfoxide
4-bromochloro benzene Cinnamic Acid
4-bromophenol Diphenylacetonitrile
4-chloro propiophenone Meta Chloro Benzaldehyde
4-Chloro-3-Sulfamoyl Benzoic Acid Meta Chloro Benzoic Acid
4-chloroacetophenone Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde
4-chlorobenzhydrol Ortho Chloro Benzoic Acid
4-chlorophenacyl bromide Ortho Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid
4-Dimethylamino Butyraldehyde Diethylacetal Para Chloro Benzyl Cyanide
4-methoxy acetophenone Para Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid
4-methylbenzophenone Phenyl Acetate
4-Nitro Phthalimide Phenyl Iso Thio Cyanate
5-Bromo Phthalide  
5-Sulfosalicylic Acid Dihydrate  
Benzophenone hydrazone  
Bromo diphenylmethane  
Bromoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal  
Chloro diphenylmethane  
Cis Mesylate  
Cis-Bromo Benzoate  
Glycerol Mono Para Amino Benzoate  
Isopropyl-3-Amino Crotonate  
Methyl-3-Amino Crotonate  
N-Acetyl Sulfanilamide  
N-Acetyl Sulfathiazole  
N-Bromo Succinimide  
N-Chloro Succinimide  
N-Iso Propyl-4-Amino Piperidine  
N-Methyl-4-Amino Piperidine  

Intermediates :  Pharma Ingredients & Fine Chemicals  :  Chemicals



Acetic Acid, Aluminium Nitrate,
Aluminium Stearate, Ammonium Bi Carbonate
Ammonium Nitrate Barium Hydroxide,
Bleaching Powder (Calcium Hypochlorite) Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Formate, Calcium Nitrate,
Calcium Stearate, Caustic Soda Flakes/Lye
Choline Chloride 50%, 60% Cobalt Sulphate
Copper Sulphate / Ferrous Sulphate Di Calcium Phosphate
Di-Basic Calcium Phosphate Ferric Nitrate,
Formaldehyde Hydrochloric Acid
Hydrogen Peroxide Lead Acetate Basic,
Lead Di Oxide Magnesium Nitrate,
Magnesium Oxide Magnesium Stearate,
Magnesium Sulphate Manganese Dioxide
Manganese Sulphate Mono Cholro Acetic Acid
Phosphoric Acid Potassium Nitrate
Sodium Acetate Anhydrous Sodium Acetate Crystal (pure),
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Sodium Bisulphate,
Sodium Hexameta Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Sodium Molybdate Sodium Selenite
Sodium Silico Flouride. Sodium Sulphate,
Sulphur Micronised Tri Sodium Phosphate
Zinc Oxide(White Seal) Zinc Stearate
Zinc Sulphate (Iron Free) Zinc Sulphate (Technical)


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